About us

Esoteric Design Studio

Our studio is where mesmerizing oriental mysteries meet astonishing western technology. Our artistic designers build on cultural, spiritual, historical and traditional beauties of the East. Then our high-tech experts and state of the art technology craftsman turn those artistic ideas to one-of -a -kind eye-catching jewelries. We make our jewelries with fine and high quality precious metals (Gold, Rose Gold, Silver). To be famous you should not necessary be rich, when you wear our glorious jewelries you tun to a famous person. Last but not least, one word of warning. Please safeguard those jewelries with utmost care because our jewelries in design, quality, and uniqueness will tempt even the very honest people to steal them from you.

Our goal is to give customers uniquely designed jewelry with high quality craftsmanship; we don’t cut corners when it comes to producing pieces.

We want people to enjoy big & heavy beautiful jewelry that will be with them for many years and won’t break. When we make it, we want to mean

to empower women & men with jewelry armors, to remind them that they are strong and confident no matter what.

* We make all jewelries  with the highest quality precious metal (Gold & Silver)

* All our jewelries are solid (not hollow)

* Our products are made exclusively in the U.S.A